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Options for our customers with gluten intolerance.

Have you heard the news?

Here at Gideon's our customers are our priority. We try to adapt our menu where possible to make it more suitable for our customers who may have an intolerance to gluten or any other dietary requirements.

Any of our classic and gourmet burgers (excluding the mighty vegan burger) can be served in a no added gluten bun, along with our big dogs can also be served in a no added gluten roll (excluding the big v dog). All of our grilled chicken ,fried chicken and chicken wings are made using our no added gluten ingredients. Our salads can be made without croutons.

Click on our link to view our No added Gluten menu. Click here If you have any questions regarding dietary requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch. We use lots of different ingredients in our kitchen, so we cannot guarantee that our food is completely free of any allergens. We change our recipes from time to time so please check regularly with our staff.

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